Discuss These 3 Subjects When You're Looking To Rent A Dumpster


When you're preparing for a construction or large renovation job at your home, you'll typically spend a significant amount of time researching the building contractor to hire. While doing so is certainly important, you should also give consideration to how the contractor will dispose of the waste generated during the project. You don't want the contractor leaving you with a mess, nor do you want him or her to charge you for making several dump runs. An ideal solution is to rent a dumpster from a local waste-management service that can be filled during the job and hauled away at its completion. Here are three important subjects to cover when you're booking the dumpster rental.

Access Doors

Dumpsters come in a wide range of styles to suit customers' needs, so it's important to ensure that you're aware of the different dumpster styles offered by the company so that you'll get the dumpster that best suits the job. In particular, ask about the availability of a container that has access doors. Dumpsters of this nature are inherently easier to fill when much of the waste is large and difficult to manage -- it's easy to toss a small section of drywall over the edge of a dumpster, but if your contractor is carrying a heavy piece of countertop, for example, it's easier for him to carry it right through the dumpster's access doors.


It might seem trivial to think about the cleanliness of the dumpster when it's going to be filled with waste material, but conscientious waste-management companies always take care to clean out their bins between rentals to customers. The last thing you want is a dumpster that smells bad -- especially if you're renting it during a hot time of the year. Doing so can annoy your neighbors, who may complain to a tenants' association if you belong to one. It's better to avoid this hassle by ensuring that the dumpster you rent will be clean.

Cost Breakdown

Waste-management companies take different billing approaches to their dumpster rentals. Some charge you a flat rate for filling the dumpster with as much waste as you're able, while others charge you a fee for the dumpster rental and another fee for tonnage -- the weight of the goods of which you're disposing. Both approaches can be suitable for the customer, but it's important to have a clear understanding of the cost breakdown before you move forward. For example, if your contractor has indicated that the waste will be particularly heavy, it might be preferable to pay a flat rate for your dumpster rental.

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29 January 2016

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