Keeping Safe While Using A Dumpster


If you are in the middle of a large remodeling project in your home and you are planning on renting a dumpster or roll off container to help consolidate the refuse you no longer need, safety should be a concern. Using the following tips will ensure your family is at less risk of injury while the dumpster is on the property and will keep your property from damage as well.

Know The Proper Placement

Placing the dumpster on a grassy or dirt surface can cause it to sink down into the ground. This can be a hazard as the refuse inside may shift along with the dumpster, causing it to tip. If you have a lot of trash inside, it may spill out onto the ground, hurting someone as a result. Make sure the dumpster is placed on solid ground. If there is no driveway or paved area available, place wood boards down in the area the dumpster will be placed. Have the dumpster delivery service position the dumpster on these boards and place cinder blocks along each side to help keep it from sliding.

Only Dump Appropriate Items

Your dumpster service will most likely provide you with a list of items you should not place inside the container. If they fail to do this, ask them if they have any recommendations regarding the dumping of chemicals, tires, batteries, or solvents. They may have an alternate recycling program available for the removal of these items. Placing them in the dumpster can be a hazard as they are flammable materials.

Use For Trash Only

Make sure any children in your household or neighboring properties are well aware the dumpster is not to be used for exploration. The dumpster should only be used to hold trash and should be closed each night to help keep children or pests from getting inside. If you think someone may dump something inside your dumpster without permission, place cinder blocks on the top to slow them down. You could also place a cheap motion detecting light nearby to scare them away from the area.

Adhere To Weight Limits

Ask the dumpster service how much refuse you are allowed to place inside the container. A good rule of thumb is to stop filling it before the trash reaches the brim. This way, it will not be spilled out onto the roads when the service truck comes to remove the unit. Trash will be less likely to fall on someone if it is lower than the brim as well.


10 February 2016

trash removal in the country

Moving out of the city changed a lot of things for me. No longer did I have the community dumpster for my trash to rely on. It was up to me to find a garbage removal company and set up an account to have the trash picked up each week. I quickly learned that there is more to garbage removal than setting trash cans out along the road for pick up. My blog is all about getting your trash removed when you live in the country. You will learn the tips that have helped me keep the animals out of my trash and so much more here on my blog.