Two Tips To Help You Maintain Your Garbage Containers


Keeping your garbage containers clean is an important but unpleasant aspect of owning a home. Failure to properly maintain your garbage containers may not seem serious, but it can make your home unsanitary while contributing to an increase in the pest population on your property. While cleaning a garbage container is not a particularly complicated task, some homeowners will make a couple of oversights during this type of work. To avoid mistakes, you should utilize the following two tips when you are doing this type of maintenance. 

Keep A Small Amount Of Ammonia In The Bottom Of The Container

Cleaning your garbage can is one of the best ways of reducing odors and minimizing insects and other pests. However, the garbage can will immediately start emitting foul odors as soon as you start keeping trash in it. These odors can be irresistible to these pests, but pouring a small amount of ammonia into the bottom of the can will help to repel these vermin. The ammonia will emit a powerful odor that is repugnant to these animals and toxic to many insects, which can make it one of the best options for keeping your garbage bin safe from pests between cleanings. Be sure to dilute the ammonia so that it isn't harmful to you, however.

Avoid Pouring The Cleaning Water Down A Storm Drain

One of the easiest ways of cleaning a garbage bin is to simply fill it with water and empty. However, some people will assume that they can simply pour this soapy and dirty water down the closest storm drain. Unfortunately, this can be remarkably bad for the environment, and you may be contributing to degrading the local water supply as storm drains often lead back to the local water source. As a result of these facts, you should make sure to only dump the soapy water on your lawn because the soil and grass will filter most of the harmful substances out, or you can perform this cleaning at a self-serve car wash that is designed to handle large amounts of soapy water.

Talk with a professional, like General Waste Removal, about other ways to keep your garbage containers in good condition. A dirty garbage bin can be extremely unpleasant to be around and a nuisance to your home. In order to prevent the worst of these problems, you need to make sure you are following good practices.


10 March 2016

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