Cutting the Clutter: Dump Trailer Rentals for Homeowners


At the local landfill, huge trucks haul large trailers filled with trash and debris, working diligently to move garbage from one area to another. These massive dump trailers typically work using hydraulic lifts that raise and lower, making emptying the trailers out easy and streamlined. But what about using a dump trailer on a smaller scale if you have a lot of trash to get rid of? There are small, more compact versions of these vehicles that homeowners can rent and use when remodeling or moving to help them dispose of large quantities of trash at once. Here is what a dump trailer rental provides: 

Trailers to Your Door

If you have a massive project that requires a large volume of trash, consider renting a dump trailer than can be brought right to your door. The rental company will attach the trailer to a truck and back it up to your driveway so you can quickly and easily transfer debris from your home to the trailer. These trailers are much smaller than those you'd see at a landfill, but they can actually hold a large volume of trash and other items. Having the trailer delivered to your door saves you time, and you can get to work right away. The trailer will be on wheels, so it can be moved around and positioned wherever and however you like.

Heavy-Duty Removal

Personal dump trailers can handle heavy items such as old furniture and building materials. You can also request that wooden reinforcements be added to the bed of the trailer to handle heavier items. Whether you are tearing out an old bathroom or kitchen or cleaning out the home of a loved one who has passed away, these personal dump trailers can handle the job. They have a low profile, so it's easy to lift and throw anything into the bed of the trailer without needing any extra equipment to hoist it.

Quick Disposal

Perhaps the best part of renting a dump trailer is the ease of its use. Once you've filled the trailer with everything you need to dispose of, the rental company will come and pick it up and haul it away for you. If you're concerned about the environment and where your trash goes, check with the rental company and see if they take items for recycling. Some companies provide "green" disposal services, so you'll have peace of mind knowing your unwanted items or debris will be taken to a place to be recycled rather than just thrown into a trash pile.

If you have a big job that requires a lot of items to be disposed of, consider a dump trailer for a quick and easy way to remove it. Find an establishment like Duffield Hauling INC to rent your dump trailer and get started on your project.


20 May 2016

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Moving out of the city changed a lot of things for me. No longer did I have the community dumpster for my trash to rely on. It was up to me to find a garbage removal company and set up an account to have the trash picked up each week. I quickly learned that there is more to garbage removal than setting trash cans out along the road for pick up. My blog is all about getting your trash removed when you live in the country. You will learn the tips that have helped me keep the animals out of my trash and so much more here on my blog.