Protecting Your Property When You Have To Rent A Dumpster


If you have arranged for a dumpster to be delivered for your home renovation project, the last thing you want is to get your house looking beautiful at the expense of your driveway. Dumpsters are heavy, and when you add all of the junk you're throwing away, they become even heavier. You have to find the right place to place the dumpster so that you end up with a minimum of scratches and dents in your driveway. The right placement differs for everyone; here's a rundown of what to consider.

Wood Under the Wheels

Wherever you place the dumpster, put some wood planks -- plywood is perfect -- under all the wheels or edges. The wood not only distributes the weight of the dumpster a little bit better, but it also prevents any part of the dumpster from scratching the material underneath. Any driveway material, no matter how strong, can be scratched and pockmarked by the dumpster. At the very least, that opens up holes in the sealant layer, allowing water to get in and do some damage. Place that plywood under the dumpster no matter where the dumpster goes.

No Open Liquids or Food

Make it a rule not to allow open containers of food or drink to go in the dumpster, and be sure no industrial liquids or greasy materials go in unwrapped, either. The grease can leak out, staining your driveway, and food and drink can not only leak, but they can also attract pests that might decide to stick around in your garden once the dumpster is gone. Try to cover the dumpster overnight so that passersby don't dump items in, either.

A Spot in the Shade

If you have an asphalt driveway, do your best to provide some shade, be it by placing the dumpster under a tree (away from the roots!) or erecting a temporary canopy over the dumpster. In the hot afternoon sun, the asphalt can soften a bit -- not enough to notice when you walk on it, but enough so that a heavy dumpster will leave some divots. Even better, if you have any concrete sections in your driveway, place the dumpster there. Remember the plywood layer!

Plenty of people use dumpsters during home renovation projects and never have damage to their driveways. You can have a damge-free rental, too, if you just take care regarding what goes in the dumpster and where the dumpster goes. For more information, contact companies like Contractors Disposal Inc.


27 March 2017

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