How A Junk Removal Service Helps You Downsize When You Have Limited Mobility


If you need to downsize your belongings to move into a smaller home or assisted living, but you have limited mobility, getting rid of excess junk can be difficult. Parting with things that you're fond of is hard enough, but the actual physical labor of sorting and hauling may be too much for you. One solution is to hire a junk removal service. Here's how they can help.

The Service Moves Heavy Furniture

Unlike just renting a dumpster where you have to throw everything in it yourself, a junk removal service can remove the heavy things from your house for you. Just let them know what you want gone, and they can put it on the truck and decide the fate of the furniture. If it's in good shape, the furniture might be donated or recycled so someone can use it. This makes it easy to get rid of appliances, extra bedroom sets, and living room furniture.

A Junk Removal Company Hauls Away Trash

While you or your family might have to sort through all of your belongings and decide what you want to throw out, once you have trash boxed or bagged, the service can carry things out to the truck and then haul them to the landfill. This eliminates the need to borrow or rent a truck to make multiple trips to the dump yourself.

You Can Throw Out A Little Or A Lot

If you rent a dumpster, you pay a set fee no matter how much you throw in it. A junk removal service is a little different. You can have the service remove an old freezer or clear out your whole house while you only pay for what you need. This service will remove about any type of junk and trash you have, and that includes things like yard waste and construction materials. However, you will want to know in advance what they won't take away, and that probably includes toxic or hazardous waste.

Additional Services Might Be Offered

If you don't have friends and family to help you, then you might find a junk removal company that offers additional services such as helping you sort through clothes, bagging up clutter, cleaning out a refrigerator, and tidying up after a room is emptied. Even if you have a lot of clutter from years of collecting things, a junk removal company can help you clear out your home and recycle, sell, or donate as much as they can so you don't have to feel bad about throwing things out.


8 February 2019

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Moving out of the city changed a lot of things for me. No longer did I have the community dumpster for my trash to rely on. It was up to me to find a garbage removal company and set up an account to have the trash picked up each week. I quickly learned that there is more to garbage removal than setting trash cans out along the road for pick up. My blog is all about getting your trash removed when you live in the country. You will learn the tips that have helped me keep the animals out of my trash and so much more here on my blog.