Bought A Foreclosure? 4 Tips For Renting A Dumpster Before Moving In


When a family buys a turnkey home after getting a thorough inspection, they may feel confident about moving into the house and not experiencing any unexpected problems. But, buying a foreclosure means that you may run into a number of issues that you must handle as the owner. If you have just bought a foreclosure and are interested in making it move-in ready as soon as possible, you should look into renting a dumpster to help you follow through with your goal.

22 May 2019

How A Junk Removal Service Helps You Downsize When You Have Limited Mobility


If you need to downsize your belongings to move into a smaller home or assisted living, but you have limited mobility, getting rid of excess junk can be difficult. Parting with things that you're fond of is hard enough, but the actual physical labor of sorting and hauling may be too much for you. One solution is to hire a junk removal service. Here's how they can help. The Service Moves Heavy Furniture

8 February 2019